Getting professional, comprehensive and inexpensive service is an absolute necessity when it comes to choosing a repair service. That’s why ReBoot Computers technicians undergo continuous advanced education and training, and are always ready to offer you the best service.

We offer:

Diagnosis of software
and hardware problems


Virus removal

spyware detected

Data backup/ recovery/ transfer


Parts replacement


Installation of software


Build a custom PC to fit your needs


Tired of spending Hundreds of dollars on a pc that maybe lasts a year or two?

How about having one built that could last 5, 10 or longer years?  Have us Build one for you.

On average our custom builds come with a top to bottom 2 year warranty, some builds have longer ones, always local support,

For more information, contact us – we’d be glad to help you!

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ReBoot Computers

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Remote Access/
TeamViewer Download

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

TeamViewer Remote Support